All rooms are non-smoking.

No pets of any type are allowed in the motel.

(There is an additional charge of $200 if an animal is brought into a room or on the premises).

Any damage to a room will result in an additional charge.

Quiet time is from 10 PM.

Check-In Time:3 PM

Check-Out Time: 11 AM

Cancellation policy

  • Rooms Individuals Cancellation: 3 days in advance
  • Apt/House Cancellation: 28 days in advance
  • Weekly/4 weeks cancellation: 14 days in advance
  • Group Cancellation Policy: 28 days in advance
  • No refund after this time unless approved by us.

**Any refund for any reservation might take between 5-10 business days.

Any policy violation by the guest will terminate his stay immediately with no refund

Stay Agreement for weekly/4 weeks stay